Our Story

Our Story

Cabin Connoisseur LLC~ The Cabin place throughout the United States.

Cabin Connoisseur was established from the front porch of a cabin I visited in Helen, Georgia. I, Ron Gamboa, envisioned this idea in 2016 while staying in a cabin rental named Unforgettable. Little did I know, the most Unforgettable moment of the trip was envisioning Cabin Connoisseur. I darted home with a mission and conquered it. Purchasing the domain to Cabinconnoisseur.com was the first step. I was incredibly lucky to even get this domain first of all. From there on out, I hit the ground running and shaped it into the pioneer company it is today. We truly are the first and only company listing cabin rentals throughout the entire United States. To date, we have clients spanning from Alaska to North Georgia. Our company mission is simple and fresh. We ensure that our clients and customers are at peace with the services we cater to them. That mantra will never change.

Cabins Only.

Cabin Connnoisseur is Proud To Be the Official Cabin Booking Site of Marmot and Camping World

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